How You Can Help


Your Donation Makes a Difference

The Southwest Sufi Community exists only because of the generosity of many extraordinary people.

A financial contribution is one of the many ways you can honor our Founder’s dedication to bringing more Love, Harmony, and Beauty into the world. We are deeply grateful for those generous gifts which help us support the Voice of the Turtle Retreat Center, Khankah Gaia Noor Residential Community, and Nature Preserve.

The Southwest Sufi Community is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit; we are happy to provide a copy of our Determination Letter upon request.

Volunteer! There Are So Many Ways to Lend a Helping Hand

While we are always grateful for financial contributions, there are many other ways to give to and participate at the Southwest Sufi Community.

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We are Deeply Grateful for Your Donation

Your generosity allows us to continue refurbishing and maintaining Our Retreat Center







Giving Online

We accept donations online through PayPal. CLICK HERE to donate using your credit or debit card or PayPal account.

Giving By Check

We are deeply grateful to receive your donation by check or money order at:
Southwest Sufi Community
PO Box 373
Silver City, NM 88062

Giving In Person

We are grateful for cash donations from our Retreatants and Friends visiting in person. You may leave your cash donation in the jar in the Community House or with your Host.

Gratitude for Our Supporters

Thank you to our Member Donors, listed below in no particular order, who have contributed at least $3,000 in money or work/trade hours in support of the Southwest Sufi Community:

    • Quan Yin Lyn Williams
    • Shaheeda Pierce
    • Katherine Jensen
    • Khadija Julia Goforth
    • Asha Lela
    • Michael H. Tindall
    • Richard Lindley
    • Janet Haqqikah Williams
    • Saladin & Samia Pelfrey
    • Shemsuddin Barksdale
    • Hafeez Gavin Perry
    • Zakir & Aziza Twaddle
    • Jim Brumfield
    • Amina Rae Horton
    • Elena & Akbar DeJardin
    • Susan Ayesha Maginnis
    • Amrita Skye Blaine
    • Azima Abbe Anderson
    • Hasibuddin Mark Smeder
    • Wali Ali Meyer
    • Kaf-I-Mariam Ellen Fietz Hall
    • Shakura Mary Jane Young
    • Rahma Jackie Davis
    • Siddiq & Majida Middlebrooks
    • Jean Pierre David
    • Susanne Bell
  • Jemaluddin Carl Hall
  • Peter Lipa
  • Azima Lila Forest
  • Patrick Shakur Linkenhoger
  • Linda Morrow
  • Jami Frank Milan
  • Ushidarena Janet Aniline
  • Zahir Barker
  • Suka Jon Thompson
  • Lilith Jean Speck
  • Darren Craig
  • Chris & Ahura Henke
  • Selim Bill Lockhart
  • Paul Wikstrom
  • Martha Blacklock
  • Sophia Shunny
  • Rashad Wilson
  • Samia Wakkinen
  • Darwesh & Malika Walker
  • James J. Childress
  • Tom Morris
  • Jeremiah Kidd
  • Anandamayi Sherry Magee
  • Ghani Odell
  • Oliver Payne
  • Kate Moitoret
  • Sasha Bell
  • Marilyn Rea
  • Sufi Ruhaniat International
  • Lynda Aiman-Smith
  • Alexi Charter
  • Rick Shems Lambert
  • Qayyum Dennis Klein
  • Cathy Owens
  • Jelaluddin Shuffield
  • Munir Michael Hagmeier
  • Boudewijn Boom
  • Shanna Bomberger
  • Tavis Habib Schmidt
  • Ali & Khalila Charles
  • Keith Berry
  • Sue Rabia Holstrom
  • Pir Shabda Kahn
  • Amos England
  • Zardhusht Chet Van Wert
  • Bahaar Thomas
  • Joanie Connors