The worker man trucks rumbled down the steep and rocky grade, stopping by the Ranch House for a quick hello, then off to the meadow to set up camp…

Seventeen men, nine women, and so much good energy, coalesced here at Southwest Sufi Community for 7 days, April 28th through May 4th, to raise our new Dance Pavilion Temple from the ground up. First phase is complete, with all the rafters set, the fascia boards in place, the sheer wall ready for plaster, and the columns, stately sentinels of awareness singing: Toward the One.

Michael Kothrade, and friends, have done it again. This time Michael designed, carved, created, rubbed, oiled and executed his work of art in our gathering meadow as a beacon welcoming all to the center of this symphonic silence in the Gila Wilderness. The crew of dear friends arrived Thursday evening. We welcomed everyone with dinner and attuned ourselves to the project. The building commenced early Friday morning after a nourishing breakfast at the Ranch House Ramada. Through Sunday, the full crew worked from morning until evening, and a small group stayed on to see this first phase completed. By Wednesday morning, each of the rafters was set in place, each column connected to the whole. Phase 2 will see the roof go on and then it will be complete. Michael shined, leading the entire week through myriad avenues of glory and challenge.

And it was so fun! We all enjoyed every minute of the camaraderie and jobs well done. It was so satisfying and meaningful to work together manifesting Love, Harmony and Beauty! Men clamored up and down the scaffolding, perched on ladders, saws ran all day, drills into the evening light, while women cooked the feasts bringing the day to a close in friendship, hugs and laughter. We worked superbly well. We ate well. We played music and slept under the stars in the afterglow of communion, our brotherhood and sisterhood singing Toward the One.

From Michael: ”Love has shown its power again through the willing hearts of this stellar work crew who came together as mostly volunteers to help make possible this beautiful and Sacred Space. Would not have been possible without that LOVE! Ya Shakur!


After 7 days, the last few trucks lumbered up the hill, and crossed Bear Mountain, heading back home scattering to the north, east and west. For some, this work party symbolized the best of men and women working together, conscious intelligence and divine creativity, held within the canyon of Bear Creek, pure natural wildness all around.

​Here at SSC we feel only gratitude and awe for the outpouring of these loving efforts of our volunteer building crew and kitchen chefs, manifesting a long held dream to bring our Ruhaniat Family here from far and wide.

Each of us here at SSC, and the Board of Trustees, thank every person who helped to manifest this work of art. It carries forth the essence of the ray of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood in the One Family of God.

Come. Join us for our Southwest Sufi Camp, August 16th-21st, with Pir Shabda Kahn, and Bryn Morgan with special guest Murshida Darvesha MacDonald. Join the caravan from Lama to Voice of the Turtle. Come, listen to the great sound of true Silence. Come, and be a part of the community.

With love from the Land,