Rick Lambert was introduced to and fell in love with Sufi Dancing in the mid-seventies while spending two winters in Albuquerque. In Wisconsin, where he grew up, he was involved with the Stoneground Bakery community and joined a group using the bakery facilities to start a tofu making operation. He has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and worked as a social worker with adults with special needs. As they were approaching retirement age, he and his wife, Sue were looking for community and discovered the Southwest Sufi Community. After their 5th visit, they made the move and joined the community. During one of the SSC summer camps, Rick was initiated into the Sufi Ruhaniat by Asha Greer. He asked her to give him a Sufi name. She gave him the name, Shemsuddin which is what Shems is the shorter version. Shems loves living in nature’s beauty with the mountains, taking his dog, Kali, for walks down to the creek, meditating in the quiet surroundings. He is a woodworker and has built things for the community, himself and others. He is focused on being a liaison with other Sufi’s in Silver City and organizes for a dance leader to come from town and lead spiritual practice on the land once a month. He spent time as a board member years ago.